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What is ABACUS

The Word Abacus is derived from Greek Language & it means to Calculate.

Abacus is the most accurate and errorless manual calculating device.

It’s a calculating device, a tool, on which arithmetical operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Decimal operation etc can be performed easily & accurately.

Abacus helps solve higher calculations accurately within seconds.

Abacus is also known as the Father of the Modern Day Computer.

Need of ABACUS Today

Abacus is the most relevant & the most necessary program for children in today’s time.

Abacus lays a Strong Foundation for ACADEMICS as well as SOFT SKILLS

It’s a Complete Brain-Power Development Program, most Unique & Special because of its methodology!

It’s The Best Brain Balancing Program that balances both Left Brain & Right Brain by engaging them simultaneously at the same time.

Abacus way of learning focuses on developing Mental Math practice using Visualization

Abacus is a Life Skills Development program Lifestyle training that transforms personalities by developing regularity as the mother of all disciplines, leading to development of total 7 Life skills