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Registered in June 2006 as Trendz Edutech Services Pvt Ltd, Trendz Abacus has a rich 15+ Years Experience under its belt. Trendz Abacus is a registered trademark recognized by the Govt. of INDIA.

Our Team

We are a team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals taking our Mission forward. From Passionate Souls who love Early Education Teaching, to Mental Math Experts, Vedic Math Pandits, Rubik’s Cube Mentors to Mid Brain Gurus, you name them and we have them! From National Record Mentors to World Championship Coaches, we have the strongest team in place to take care of all the needs

National Recognition

We are also recognized by the country’s most prestigious record book entity – The Limca Book of Records, followed by many others!

We have a rich legacy of Hundreds of National Records registered since 9 years in a row, starting from the 2012 edition, through 2020 edition for the fastest mental math calculation speed & still counting..

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Our Headquarters are based in the education city – of Kota (in the princely State of Rajasthan) which is also the coaching Hub of India.


Trendz Abacus is a Life Skills development program that builds the 7 most crucial Life Skills, most important for SUCCESS in today’s time.

Our Vision is to keep the Scholars engaged till they reach the height of their potential.

Abacus & Vedic Math performed Mentally is the need of the hour for every child to develop their inherent qualities, starting from Concentration, Logic & Reasoning in Math thus leading to boosting Confidence & hence developing the Champion within.

Trendz Abacus is a Complete package for the HEART, MIND & SOUL.

Mission & Objective

Our Mission starts from balancing the brain and leads to developing a confident heart!! Trendz Abacus is a Journey, a movement from Concentration to Confidence!

We are on a drive to connect the Best of our trainers with the students for an overall development.

Our Goal is to reach students across the Globe and develop the skills in them for a complete transformation of self.

Most importantly we strongly believe that Abacus & Vedic Mental Math, are Global Connectors! Music, Math & Meditation are Global Languages and hence they can connect the whole world!

International Community

We have proudly represented our Country on World Stage in World Championships since 5 years in a row and have Won many laurels!! We are Proud & Grateful to be a part of International Community in Europe and Asia providing a big platform for the talented minds!